The training officer is Rachel Kellaway and the apiary manager is Roger Stone. Rachel and Roger give training courses for beginners and improvers each year.

There are two beginners courses. The first one covers :-

  • siting your apiary
  • personal equipment
  • lighting a smoker
  • making up a frame with foundation
  • hive types and hive components
  • castes of bees
  • life cycle of the three castes
  • pollen, nectar and honey
  • the beekeeping year

The second course covers:-

  • planning
  • where do I get my bees from
  • how to inspect a colony
  • honeybee diseases
  • communication in the hive
  • swarming
  • practical session in the apiary
  • feeding bees

Improvers are usually second or third year beekeepers. The course aimed at them covers:-

  • comb management
  • brood position
  • proactive and reactive swarm management
  • how to catch and hiveĀ  swarm

Apiary training sessions vary, covering:-

  • general inspection
  • varroa control and treatment
  • splitting a colony and making up a nuc
  • taking off honey
  • basic assessment training
  • ‘reading’ a colony and deciding what action to take