Have you got a swarm? If so contact our Swarm Coordinator to a) verify that it is indeed a swarm of bees and b) arrange for someone to come and collect it.

The slider above might help you verify that it is a swarm of honeybees rather than bumble bees, solitary bees or other insects.

The following are istructions for MBKA members who want to become swarm collectors.

If anyone wishes to collect swarms, will they please register with me via mobile using the following format:

Area they live in       (e.g. Carno)
Name                     (e.g. Joe Bloggs)
Distance of travel     (e.g. 20 miles. Please make this realistic, a five mile radius does not work)
Usual availability      (e.g. Anytime/ evenings/weekends)

Please note that I have deleted all last year’s names as I do not know their present circumstances
If you do not have a mobile, please borrow one and register adding you have a land line contact only

Procedure when a swarm notification is received:
When I am notified of a swarm, I will get what information I can. I am hoping that I will be able to get people to send me a photo of the “swarm” to eradicate bumbles/wasps etc from equation.
I will not usually accept calls to anything above fifteen feet. However, if anyone is prepared to work higher, then add that to contact details.
I shall call the most convenient person to the swarm. If no answer, I will  leave messages to any other people in area. The first person to answer will be given brief  details, hopefully, including photos. It will then be up to them to liaise with the reporter to get full details. Please send me a quick message after the visit, (e.g. “collected”, “wasps” “too high to get”). No information will be given to any other person  until I have heard from first person.
I have been asked by several beginners if it would be possible to help collect a swarm with an experienced swarm collector. The only thing I can do is pass the request to the person collecting the swarm and they can contact  the beginner  and see if anything can be arranged.

If anyone can add improvements to the above, please contact me.
My mobile number 07530466886
Joe Bidwell

Swarm coordinator.