Montgomeryshire Beekeepers Association

We are an informal and friendly group of beekeepers who have a common interest in keeping and learning about the Honeybee.

We have about 100 members.

We are members of the
Welsh Beekeepers' Association.

We have our own apiary and run beginners and improver courses.

We favour locally adapted dark bees (Apis Mellifera Mellifera).

Swansea University project

Two students of Mechanical Engineering at Swansea University have chosen to focus their final year project on the design of beehive components and sensors, which may be attractive to a wide range of beekeepers by supporting their year round practice and addressing issues they may have faced with their hives.

To assess areas where new technologies may best support beekeepers, they have created a survey (it is pretty short, 6 questions only) and would very much appreciate responses from as many beekeepers as possible. Early responses will help them to justify their project.

here to view / complete the survey.

courtesy of Swansea & District Beekeepers' Society


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