While canoeing up the Margret River

The BeeHolder, Spring 2012

Look out for crocsWhile canoeing up the Margret River in Western Australia, an area 120mls south of Perth, in the wine growing area (a very nice wine). Jane and I rounded a bend under a cliff very close to the bank of the river. As we came round the The bees in questionbend there was a distinct smell of honey and the unmistakCan you tell what it is yet?eable noise of bees. We pulled the canoe on to the bank and went to investigate. The bees were building their comb on the underside of an overhang on the cliff face.

The main body of the comb was in shadow, covered by the overhang, but as the nest increased and became lower it come out of the shadow and into the sun. The heat melted the bottom end of the comb and it was dripping to the floor at the foot of the cliff, there it was again collected by the bees and taken up and rebuilt into the comb only to begin the process again. The bees were very docile and I managed to get very close to take these pictures, which I thought might be of some interest to the members of MBKA.

Stunning scenery, but is this slide upside down?

Doug and Jane Wood