What is the etiquette for posting to a forum/discussion group?

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There are no rules for posting to the MBKA forums, but the following is the way we would like to see the forum work -

  1. Be nice.
  2. Respect everyones opinion, even if it is completely opposite to yours.
  3. Debate acts and not actors / actresses.
  4. Comment in the way you would hope that others would comment on things you say.
  5. Express yourself freely - in this forum everyone is respected so just say what you think.
  6. Don't say anything about anyone you wouldn't like them to say about you.
  7. If you enjoy the right of freedom of speech, please respect the responsibility of researching and learning what you speak about, and understand you may have a limited understanding of a certain situation.

It really just comes down to having a forum that everybody can enjoy without anybody feeling insulted or victimised.