Training and Exams

The BeeHolder, Summer 2013

Montgomeryshire Beekeeper’s Association has created a new rôle on the committee dedicated to helping co-ordinate training and exams for members. Julie Pearce was elected to take on this rôle, and Maggie Summerfield has kindly agreed to work on it as well. The Association has arranged some really excellent introductory and intermediate training sessions with Brian Goodwin as well as providing monthly hands-on training sessions in the Gregynog Apiary. These are run in “real time” and then we get to go back to our own hives and implement what we have learned, which is invaluable. It is really encouraging that increasing numbers of members are helping others gain practical experience with bees at the training Apiary. We are all learning together. We want to build on this and encourage members to come forward to ask for training in specific aspects of beekeeping, as well as to encourage more experienced bee-keepers to share their knowledge. Julie is the person to contact about this. We will always try to find an experienced member of the MBKA to run the course but, where we do not have the skills within the Association, we will seek a tutor from outside.

Other BKAs have had success with running one-day Taster Courses on beekeeping, where the aim is to show the basic principles to those who have not yet got their bees. We will try this ourselves if there is sufficient demand. The emphasis will be less on theory and more on practical experience of handling bees in the Apiary led by our own team of experienced beekeepers.

We also want to encourage members to take some of the bee keeping qualifications available. We will be arranging the Basic Assessment in Beekeeping for members that are interested. Please contact Julie if you are interested in doing the exam or have any ideas for courses/training that would be useful for you.

The better the training the better the chances of keeping on beekeeping!

Julie Pearce