September 14 - Dual Members' Apiary Meeting

The BeeHolder, Winter 2013

This was a meeting spread over 2 members' apiaries, Bill & Carol Gough's and Roger Stone's apiaries in Aberhafesp – a first for MBKA. I wasn't able to make it myself, but by all accounts it was a good day out. The weather was fine, and the bio-security measures developed by Ian Hubbuck for the Gregynog apiary were deployed “in the field” and very ably policed by Noel Eaton. It is a credit to Ian's design skills that they were so easily adapted to an alien location. Perhaps there is a business opportunity here – Apiary Bio-Security Limited?

But a picture paints a thousand words, so here is a further 3,000 words :

Apiary meeting 14 September

Apiary meeting 14 September

... and the caption competition :

Caption Competition

Choose from :

a) Yes, beekeeping isn't all hard work.
b) Sometimes you get a chance to relax and have a chat.
c) Wow, is that the Acme supersmoker RB211d?
d) What! You keep wasps????

or think of your own.