Second hand equipment for sale

The BeeHolder, Autumn 2012

Our president Jim Crundwell has moved to Evesham and has kindly donated to us the remnants of his extensive collection of beekeeping equipment. Some of the more unusual pieces will be put into our Apiary at Gregynog as discussion pieces, the rest we will sell to members. Jim was quite willing for the equipment to be given to encourage new beekeepers, but we pointed out to him that making a charge would encourage a more thoughtful attitude to beekeeping. People take more responsibility for things they have had to pay for. Jim agreed.

The equipment is stored at my place in Newtown. I have not done an exact count but there are over 20 sets of Smith Hives with base, brood, excluder, supers, crown board and roof. The equipment is old but has been well cared for. I’m selling a complete hive set for about £25. If you try to bully me I’ll charge more but it maybe cheaper if you are a particularly deserving case. Remember that all the proceeds are going to the Gregynog Apiary. Contact by email or phone 01686 626872 or 07769 552676.

A Smith hive takes a normal National Frame provided that 8mm is snipped of each lug.

Dave Bennett