Reports on meetings

The BeeHolder, Autumn 2012

The last two apiary training meetings were well attended and very worthwhile. Although we had had to feed colonies in order to have “honey” to harvest on September 12th (see photos on front cover and centrefold), the many beginners who attended were able to get a hands on feel for the harvesting process. A first treatment of Apiguard was administered to many of the hives, after taking off the honey, as treatment for Varroa.

Room with a viewThe weather decided not to play fairly for the “Preparation for Winter” meeting on September 30th. It was almost too miserable to be disturbing the bees, but we were able to add second Apiguard treatments, unite a couple of colonies and feed the lighter ones (yes, hands on hefting was to be had) with ambrosia. Thanks to Dave, Tony and Graham for putting the three groups through their paces.

Chris Leech