Poetry Corner

The BeeHolder, Spring 2013


If you can smile while all your friends around you
Are being stung and blaming it on you.
If you can handle frames with gentle firmness
When both your hands are being well stung too.
If you can see the eggs and young grubs growing,
And know which bees are young and which are old;
If you can watch the pollen being gathered,
And recognise the wicked robber bold.
If you can tell just when your bees need feeding
With syrup thick or thin, and candy too;
If you can give the little dears clean water
And watch them take it every day from you.
If you can quote, not misquote, words of wise men
And have acted on them when the need arose,
If you can love your bees in health and sickness,
And call the expert in to diagnose.
If you can do all this and never falter,
If you can learn and practice more each day,
You'll be an expert long before you know it
And most welcome in the B.K.A.!

E Jollyman (With apologies to Rudyard Kipling)
Originally from the Essex BKA Year Book, 1946, via BEES