An out of the way corner

The BeeHolder, Spring 2012

One of the problems of living in an area of such low population density is that we have to travel relatively long distances to meet up. This is particularly true of residents living in the extremities of the county. Here is an appeal from a member at the Eastern edge of Montgomeryshire looking to hook up with other bee keepers nearby on a regular basis.


Dear Beekeeper,

Living as we do between three BKAs, Paul and I (with bees by Corndon hill) got to thinking that it was perhaps as good a time as any to test the water for a social and support group loosely based around the Church Stretton, Craven Arms, Bishops Castle, Clun & Montgomery areas and once we've identified two or three suitable hostelries, to rotate between them to start with. Other events are quite possible: suggestions very welcome.

After much debate, and so the group feels inclusive for all beekeepers within the area, we chose the name 9 Rivers Bees. The debate will no doubt continue but the idea was that nine rivers (or our local versions of rivers) have their source in, or run through, this area and without water there would be no forage. In time we might even have a logo to play with - how good is that!

9 Rivers Bees is not just for members of Ludlow & District, Shropshire and Monty BKA beekeepers but for any beekeeper in the area, partners and spouses. Just give me a note of their email so they can be added to the mailing list and kept informed of venues and activities.

Drop me an email if you're interested with your preferred email address and any suggestions for good venues.

All the best for the new season,

Trisha Marlow & Paul King