Obituary - John Derek Humphreys - Nov 1931 – Jun 2014

The BeeHolder, Summer 2014

Long time MBKA member John Derek Humphreys died very suddenly in June. He was active with his friends and garden till the previous day.

There is no doubt Derek was a family man of vision, affable and enthusiastic about all matters to do with natural life.

Driven by his deep love and fascination of farming he was not afraid of having a go at developing new enterprises in addition to his successful flock of sheep and the beef herd. His barn based museum of farming tools and implements is famous. It was a surprise for such a busy farmer to keep a garden so rich in vegetables and flowers.

He deeply cared for his large bee enterprise with minimum fuss and intervention allowing them to “get on with it”. He was overjoyed in a good year and philosophical when the bees suffered from the weather or disease. Unassuming and modest – his knowledge of beekeeping was profound. Derek was always happy to share this knowledge with other beekeepers and recognised as a good role model.