Obituary – John’s Wellies

The BeeHolder, Summer 2012

When I started keeping bees I bought myself a white bee suit and some nice, matching, white wellingtons. I didn’t Janet Peacock's dog, Guiltyrealise it at the time but it’s really just dairy farmers who wear white wellies and beekeepers just wear anything. Despite the jokes I kept on with my wellies until I joined the NBU in 2009 where the beesuits are green and the wellies needed to colour co-ordinate.

After a quick check of the records I can see that my faithful green wellies have accompanied me on 493 apiary visits and I have spent countless hours lovingly disinfecting thNever give a dog the command "Heel"em. The green wellies met a tragic end recently when I left them unattended for 2 minutes and Janet Peacocks dog nibbled a quick hole in them.

My initial horror at the loss of such an old friend subsided when I saw that the dog has got a very special talent. When he is told off for eating something, and he eats all sorts of things, he smiles sweetly. Who could stay angry at such a talented dog?

He isn’t doing his toothy smile in the picture (page 11) because Janet has to tell him off before he will do it.

John Beavan