Neonicotinoids - an update

The BeeHolder, Summer 2013

What is happening about neonics and the current state of play? Well, quite a lot.

The EU has put in place a two year ban on three types of neonic - not long for not much; will the scientific research during this short period be strong enough to sway the EU into a longer, or even permanent ban?

There seems little prospect of the UK coming to its senses - Sir Mark Walport, Chief Scientific Advisor to the Government, has been accused by other academics of not understanding the essential precautionary principle that underlies environmental science.

The BBKA continues to sit on the fence.

What can be done about it? Well, quite a lot.

Those advocating a permanent ban must not sit on their hands; if petitions arrive from reputable sources, sign them. The elections to the EU are coming up, write to the party of your choice and ask what is their strategy concerning these pesticides.

DemonstrationWrite to the BBKA, refer to the line at the end of paragraph four of their latest statement where they state ʻpesticides which must be proven safe for honey beesʼ and ask them to confirm that they will take this same stance over neonicotinoids.

It cannot be said that this first battle against neonics has been won, let alone the war. The weapons that the good guys hold are scientific evidence and public opinion. With the first, they may influence the second; if the second is mobilised anyway, the bad guys will retreat because the politicians, who are more scared of adverse public opinion than anything else, will abandon them.

So, keep writing, Emailing, signing petitions and asking questions. If the agri-chemical lobby wins and this stuff is allowed back, it will be goodbye to the majority of the pollinating insects and soil fauna that have survived so far.......and we all will live in a poorer, sorrier and more unbalanced land.

Thanks to Bournemouth and Dorset South BKA and ebees