The National Honey Show

The BeeHolder, January 2012

Cheap cheap cheap when you know how!

It is on for 3 days and entry fee is £15 per person per day. Now that may seem like £45 for each person to attend all three days. BUT (and here is part of the sweet madness of the beekeeping world) at one entrance to the show one pays lots of £15s whilst at another end one can buy membership of the National Honey Show for £12. This entitles one to go to all events with a guest. So two people for 3 days for £12 at one door and at £90 at the other door! Beats the “Two for the Price of One” at Tescos. Better yet, get a none beekeeper to take you as a treat and sit amused at the dinner table whist one's host explains that beekeepers are fascinating and endearingly mad.

Find out more at their website (including photographs taken during the show so that you can play “Spot Tony at the Honey Show” Ed).

Tony Shaw