Montgomeryshire Training Apiary at Gregynog

The BeeHolder, January 2011

An oak from the Gregynog Estate has been felled. It was planked in Guisfield and cut and worked by Welsh Oak Frames of Caersws to a design developed in conjunction with the MBKA. When the weather gets better the foundations will be dug and a slab poured. Then the fun begins as the Viewing shelter is erected. We will need some volunteers to help staple to protective wire mesh to the windows: please say what times your can be called upon. We hope to have everything finished by Easter. It is amazing how fast things happen when there is enthusiasm from all parties! We really want to see school children using the Shelter during the summer term. See also the apiary pages for more details of the shelter.

The first log from Gregynog being loaded.  This is the first time for about 100 years that an Oak from the Estate has actually been used for a Gregynog BuildingThe Boss which holds the bracing horizontals  and the  rafters together.