MBKA Apiary Training Calendar 2013

Our apiary manager, Dave Bennett, with the assistance of SBI John Beavan, has come up with a list of dates on which specific training will be given at the apiary. Hopefully this will give our members chance to gain hands on experience with some aspects of beekeeping with which they are not familiar. Looking at the list of topics there should be plenty to interest the novice and intermediate beekeeper, and those with more experience might want to get a different perspective on things or even help out if demand is high.

Each of the sessions is planned for 90 minutes, starting at 10:00 am unless otherwise noted, though I imagine that sticking to these times will be subject to the vaguaries of the bees, the weather and whatever social interactions break out.

If dates have to be amended after their original publication, they will be highlighted in RED.

Sunday March 17th - CANCELLED Spring Inspection

This session has been cancelled as of 7 March. This is due to the forecast for cold weather between now and the 17th which means that we should avoid dsiturbing the bees will cover what to look for in the spring, focussing on feeding and Varroa control.

Sunday April 14th - Continued Spring inspections

The bees should be livelier by now, so there should be plenty of things to look out for.

Sunday May 12th - Swarm Control and Making Increase

This is vital information in the current situation where feral colonies are struggling to survive and replacing losses of kept bees is an ongoing battle.

Sunday August 18th Preparing to take off the Honey

Removing honey (yum). This is what a lot of bee keepers are in it for!

Sunday September 22nd - End of Season and Pre-Winter Inspection

Varroa treatment and the pre-winter inspection are covered at this meeting.

Sunday January 12th (2014) Oxalic acid treatment (11am start)

The date of the January Oxalic acid treatment cannot be fixed in advance, so if you would like to attend this one, you must give Dave your phone number and/or e-mail address so that he can let you know when it will be.

All courses are free to MBKA members, but please do let usknow if you are hoping to attend one or more of the meetings. Not only is it useful for planning that we know attendance numbers, but courses may get cancelled if there is little or no interest. Contact Dave by phone or e-mail during the fortnight before the meeting.