How do I use the Equipment Exchange forum to advertise spare kit?

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If you don't have an account with, you need to create one. To do this. See "How do I create an account with Montybees?"

When you are logged into the website, select "Discussion" from the banner menu just below the MBKA logo. This takes you to the discussion forums. Select the "Equipment Exchange" forum. Create a new topic in the forum with a suitable title, eg "Old rusty smoker, free to good home". Write a short piece about what you have available and what, if anything, you want for it.

Only people who are signed in to Montybees can either post a reponse in the forum or send you an e-mail regarding your offer, and even then they cannot see your actual e-mail address as this is lept secret by the web site.

Now just wait for the e-mails to flood in...