How do I respond to an advert on the Equipment Exchange forum?

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There are two ways to respond to any item posted in a forum, depending on whether you want your reponse to be seen by anybody on the website, or just the person who wrote the posting. The rule of thumb here is "If you are about to write any personal or private information (location of home, apiary, financial details, compromising photographs etc), then contact the person privately".

To respond publicly, just select the Post Reply button. To send a private message, select the person's username (which will take you to their profile) and then select the contact tab above their details. Note that to do either of these things, you must be logged into, which enables the site administration to record who said what and, if needed, disable abusive accountholders.

Also note that because you can contact the person through a contact form, you will not be able to see their e-mail address unless they contact you back. This is to protect everbody's privacy.