Gregynog Apiary Report

The BeeHolder, Autumn 2013

We have made reasonable progress in Gregynog so far this summer,

Biosecurity step oneWe have increased the number of colonies to eleven, some by artificial swarm and some by colonies bought in. Some of the colonies purchased were not exactly top quality, and several of these colonies which had been divided into smaller nucs in July had to be reunited at the August training meeting. Not the ideal result.

Appalling weather caused our first three training sessions to be cancelled. It is just not fair on the bees to open hives in bad weather, so the only training meeting so far this year was on August 18th – a good turnout of approximately 30 members always makes a busy morning! The meeting was billed as "Preparing to take off the honey" which, after last years meeting, was modified slightly by demonstrating clearing empty supers rather than supers with the bees in them. As this demo was quite short, it left us with more time to inspect some of the colonies in the apiary.

biosecurity step twoOn a more serious note all of the members who attended the meeting will have not escaped the biosecurity which has been kindly installed by Ian Hubbuck. The device, illustrated in the pictures accompanying this article, has a lid to keep the weather out and a pad to hold disinfectant in. As bee keepers enter and leave the apiary they disinfect their footwear by stepping through the device. In view of the recent case of AFB in Newtown we must be seen to be proactive with our hygiene in Gregynog and indeed in our own apiaries.

On a final note we hope to see you all at the next apiary training meeting (depending on the weather!) Sunday 22nd September at 2pm "Preparing for Winter".

Dave Bennett
Apiary Manager