Gregynog Apiary Report

The BeeHolder, Spring 2013

We are down to just five colonies at the apiary. One was lost prior to the oxalic acid treatment, but six colonies since. I am concerned that there may be some cause and effect there, as it was not a warm day when the hives were opened for treatment. Tony Shaw has volunteered to take a hive up to bolster numbers for our next apiary training day. If anybody else can loan us some bees, don't be afraid to volunteer!

Oxalic acid treatment at the apiaryAn apiary committee has been formed to make decisions on apiary management without having to involve the whole MBKA committee. Roy Norris, Noel Eaton, Ian Hubbuck, Tony Bosworth, Neil Griffiths, Tony Shaw and myself as manager.

Neil has started looking into the having an electronic connection from the hives to Gregynog Hall and the National Botanical Gardens (NatBotGuard) which would allow people to see and hear what is going on in the hives, potentially even over the internet at home!

The viewing hut with Ian imprisonedThe viewing hut roof is now finished, and it looks very impressive as those of you who saw the pictures on Tony's slide show at the AGM will know. There are some here too.

Dave Bennett
Apiary Manager