Gregynog Apiary Report

The BeeHolder, Autumn 2012

The last three months in the apiary have been a mixed bag, as indeed the previous three months were as well. We started July with high hopes for a good nectar flow which didn't happen, we then had to resort to feeding on top of supers in order to be able to do the "taking off the honey" demo.

Our main problem this season has been keeping the bees fed - one week we would put supers on and then two weeks later we would be taking them off and feeding again. Honey production generally is about 80-90% down on last year. On a more positive note our colony numbers have increased nicely this year, with thirteen being our maximum count. Some of these will have to be united in the next couple of weeks, so we will probably be back down to nine or ten colonies for the winter.

The observation hut gets a slatingThe training meetings we have organised in this part of the season have again been well received, however "taking off the honey" will be different next year as there were far too many agitated bees flying around! It seems that this is a learning process for all concerned, not just the beginners.

In all it has not been a productive three months in terms of honey, but very useful for our members to get right in there, where it matters, with the bees.

Dave Bennett
Apiary Manager