Gregynog Apiary Report

The BeeHolder, Summer 2012

As of 14th June, the apiary was up to 11 colonies, including the Warre hive. We have had to do a lot of feeding, and there is no honey to report, nor is there likely to be any if the weather carries on like this! Not only has the very poor weather not helped, the bees do get a hammering at the apiary, being open for too long and being handled by lots of people. Such is the trade off between training and bee husbandry. This is also a good reason for increasing the number of hives.

If we are going to do a successful honey extraction at the apiary meeting in September, a couple of hives will be set aside not to be opened so that the bees can “get on with it”. If needs be the supers will just be full of sugar from feeding, but it would not wasted as we can feed it back (but only to the same hive to avoid communication of diseases).

So far we have got 500 slates donated of the 1,500 that we need. There is a builder lined up to do the actual work, so if anybody out there has slates to donate, then please do get in touch (we can collect!).

Dave Bennett
Apiary Manager