The Electronic Age Is Upon Us

The BeeHolder, Spring 2012

Like many organisations we are reducing the number of letters sent out. Apart from the price of stamps going up making them a better investment than gold, nearly 90% of our membership have given us their email address to use in communications. We are relying upon emails and the quarterly BeeHolder magazine to keep our members informed. There are those of you who have not yet shared your email address with us. We urge you to do so.

Your e-mail address will not be given out to third parties or even shared with the membership. Instead it will be added to the members' distribution list. People on the list can send e-mails to the list, nobody else can. You won't get spam or anything else unsavoury by having your name on the list. People found abusing the list will be removed from it to protect all our interests. Primarily it is used by committee members to broadcast to the (majority) of the membership and is especially useful for late changes in event planning or information posts received by the secretary which she feels are worth spreading through the membership. It can be used by anybody on the list to send messages to the membership, but you are then exposing your e-mail address to everyone else. This is not a major risk as the mailing list is actively managed and restricted to only those members who have provided us with their e-mail addresses.

We would also like to encourage those who do not have an email address to sign up for one. You don’t have to have a computer to have an email address. Your local Library or Resource Centre will help you with setting up an email address and it is free of charge. Also, please phone any committee member for advice on email communication and to learn how useful it is for keeping up-to date with bee information and how much money it can save!

Finally, if you are definitely going to avoid electronic communication completely, get in touch with another member who is a near neighbour and can keep you up to date with late breaking news. Contact a member of the committee for help in finding one, if you are not sure.

Chris Leech