The BeeHolder, Summer 2014

The production of the BeeHolder isn't quite keeping up with the precession of the equinoxes, and so it appears to be coming out An early swarmlater each quarter. Publication of this issue should have been around 21 June (actually the slippage is a result of other demands on my time, I can't really blame the defugalties of the solar system).

Swarms, swarms, swarms! Like buses, you don't see any for ages (several years, actually) and then suddenly four come along at once. It would appear that the picture (thumbnail right, full size on the web page) contributed by Joe Bidwell in last issue was strangely prophetic. Swarms have been a hot topic (as has the weather) this season and so they are mentioned quite a lot in this issue (perhaps a swarm of mentions).

In my last editorial I finished with “It was a gorgeous day today – let us hope it is an early sign of a beautiful and bountiful summer to come”. So far so good!

Chris Leech