The BeeHolder, Spring 2014

Better late than never! A conspiracy of events means that Spring BeeHolder is horrifically late. In light of that I hope very much that you enjoy this quarter's offering.

I have confined forthcoming events to a single page, which takes us out to August. The summer BeeHolder will take us through Autumn, if not to the end of the year. But if you are eager to know what is coming, why not look on the web site? In any event it is a good idea to keep a weather eye on the web site for last minute changes, as the seasons sometimes conspire against the best laid mice of plans and men. I put it all down to climate change and typos, myself. If those of you without internet access, whether through choice or circumstance, feel that you are not being kept informed, do appeal to a member of the committee as we are trying our best in the face of rising stamp prices, privatisation of the Post Office etc.

It was a gorgeous day today – let us hope it is an early sign of a beautiful and bountiful summer to come.

Chris Leech