The BeeHolder, Autumn 2013

You will notice just how much the outbreak of American Foul Brood in Newtown has influenced our contributors. This edition could really have been entirely about the implications of AFB in Newtown, but that would not have been fair on the majority of Beekeepers who are not affected (and also perceived as alarmist : see Paul Aslin's comment). However all should take note of the article by Warren and Margaret Town. The Article about bringing back the indigenous Bee to Wiltshire is particularly relevant to those of us (including me) who have had appalling losses over the last two winters. More strength to the elbows of those MBKA members who are working towards a similar goal right here in Wales!

Quite a bit of the emphasis in this issue is on the meetings and other events planned for the rest of the season and over winter (see the calendar). The Committee puts considerable effort into organising meetings and speakers, but as ever we are anxious that our members let us know what they would like to see in future.

Chris Leech