The BeeHolder, Autumn 2012

Tony, our chairman, is often heard asking for contributions to The BeeHolder : either a meeting report (so that those who did not attend can get a feel for what went on) or a more general appeal for articles. Generally we get some take up on this and it helps to spread the “ownership” of the magazine more generally across the membership. There are some excellent articles in this issue contributed by members, “Bees in the News” by Michelle Boudin and “A Memorable Year” by Ann Hooper and “Phytophthora infestation at Gregynog” by Arthur Finlay. So if you have ever felt an urge to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard, nowadays), why not start off with something about bees to share with us all. I don't mind typing up hand written work, if it is the “nowadays” that is putting you off!

Chris Leech