The BeeHolder, Summer 2012

I've had some feedback from readers that the line spacing, font size and failing eyesight are conspiring to make BeeHolder harder to read than ever. This is not an objective I was trying to achieve, and so for this issue I have slightly increased the line spacing. This has the effect that the lines don't blur together quite as much (even after several glasses of wine), but it does mean that we can not fit in as much BeeHoldery goodness as in previous issues. So if you feel strongly that you'd rather have a magnifying glass and more content, or that the new format is well worth the starvation of information, then drop me an e-mail.

Note that this comment on the line spacing applies to the printed version and e-version PDF rather than the book pages here on the web site, so people who only read The BeeHolder here on the web are in for less BeeHoldery goodness with no visible benefit.

The family day at Gregynog was a great success in spite of a terrible weather forecast. A very big thanks to Vicky Farrington for putting in so much time and effort in order to give all the kids such a great experience.

Chris Leech