The BeeHolder, January 2012

Here we are, all getting ready for Christmas as best we can in this climate of austerity. So far the actual climate has been relatively kind, if a little damp, compared to last year. Hopefully the bees are tucked up cosily in their hives, enjoying midnight feasts of sugary “junk food”, oblivious to the trials and tribulations we make for ourselves in our often overly complicated world. Perhaps we could learn form their simple ways (but not if it came at the cost of having dinner plate sized mites sucking out our juices).

If all goes to plan (and it did, more or less) I should have the magazine out around about Christmas, so maybe I have finally tamed this beast we call the BeeHolder. Mind you, I wouldn't bank on it until we see when the April issue turns up.

As always, I would like to ask any members out there with ideas for articles to get in touch, or even better, write an article or take a (preferably bee related) picture and send it in to the magazine. The preferred method is by e-mail.

Chris Leech