Could we borrow an extractor please.

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Hi there, we are new to beekeeping but have been lucky to get a bit of honey and wonder if anyone could possibly loan us an extractor please as we don't really. Want to go to the expense of buying one for just a few frames.

Would be really grateful if someone could help out with this please. We are in Welshpool area.

Many thanks Tara. 

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Sorry that this is a long

Sorry that this is a long time after the original post, but the post is a good one and people wanting to borrow an extractor in future need to know how to go about it. In the first instance contact our equipment officer. If he is unable to locate the MBKA extractor, then it would not be a criminal offence to send an e-mail to all members. NB this is only possible if you are a member yourself, and that the e-mail address from which you send the message is on the members list. If in doubt, contact the web administrator to check!