Christmas Trivia

The BeeHolder, Winter 2013

Rather than our annual spelling bee, we thought that this year we would try a short trivia quiz with a theme of bees.

1. How fast does a honey bee fly?

2. The honey bee is not native to the USA but was imported by settlers. What do the Native American indians call honey bees?

3. How much does a queen bee eat per day (as a multiple of her body weight)?

4. What did people do in July 2013 in Oregon, USA, when 50,000 bumble bees were found dead in a carpark?

5. How far would a bee have to fly to collect enough nectar to make 1kg of honey?

6. Which brewery produces a beer called Waggle Dance?

7. How many bee stings does it take to kill an average person (who's non-allergic)?

8. Which 1970s and 1980s singer song writer had solo albums with "Secrets of the Beehive" and "Dead Bees on a Cake"

9. What do bees do at night?

10. How much energy (in units of ounces of honey) does it take for a bee to fly around the world?

11. (Bonus question) Which State in the USA uses the honey bee as it's state insect?

The answers are here, and If I can work out how to do it, they will appear printed upside down.

MG Boudin