Calibrating Your Refractometer

The BeeHolder, Summer 2013

What a refractometer looks like when dormant

Have you wondered how accurate your refractometer is?

Here’s a simple way to check. Due to the remarkably consistent properties of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, one drop of it on the slide will always read between 71 and 72 on the ‘Brix’ scale – the middle one in most refractometers. If you set the lock-nut to show any such oil at 71.5, you will have correctly calibrated the neighbouring scale at the same time.

Thanks to Notts Beekeepers and ebees

So there you go. If you have no idea what a refractometer is used for, whether in connection with bees, antifreeze or chain saw maintenance, you have the following options. Ignore refractometers and get on with your life, put combinations of words including refractometer into a post-Prism search engine such as duckduckgo (other search engines are available) or ask an experienced bee keeper.           Ed