The Benefits of Membership

These are some of the benefits of membership to a bee keepers' association.

  1. Insurance: £2,000,000 public liability for damage to property, plus bee disease insurance (for notifiable bee diseases).
  2. Free MBKA newsletter ‘The Beeholder’, issued quarterly.
    Free national magazine, ‘The Welsh Beekeeper’, issued quarterly.
  3. The opportunity to attend outdoor apiary meetings and demonstrations during the summer, and indoor meetings, lectures and instruction during the winter.
  4. The chance to exchange ideas and opinions with like-minded people.
  5. The assistance and help given by fellow beekeepers.
  6. The mutual protection from varroa etc., gained from co-operation.
  7. Up to date information supplied by the Bee Inspectors.
  8. The opportunity to buy or sell equipment.
  9. Periodic courses of instruction.
  10. Membership covers the whole family who live at the same address.