Bees anyone?

The BeeHolder, Spring 2012

This appeal has already been e-mailed around the association, so please bear with us if you have seen it before (see here if you haven't). At this time of year many members search frantically for bees and in their enthusiasm sometimes buy from suspect sources. Those who follow various bee magazines know the current debate about whether we should allow bees to be imported from abroad. Indeed many would advocate not buying from more than 75 miles away in the UK.

Many Nucs for sale have been made up from queens imported from abroad. If you are offered a Nuc with a 2012 laying queen before May it is almost guaranteed that the queen will have been imported into the UK and plonked into a split UK colony, possibly a stolen colony. If you really want to be totally ethical buy from a local trusted source.

Your MBKA committee have negotiated a good deal with such a trusted source: a local commercial beekeeper who is working with the University of Bangor on a Welsh Queen breeding programme. These are 6 framed nucs, including a Nucleus box which can be expanded to 11 frames. Yes, you did read that correctly, 6 frames of brood in a box than can be expanded to take 11 frames!

We have secured delivery end of May to beginning of June depending on the weather. Whatever the weather you will not be able to buy local nucs from locally bred queens earlier than that. All queens will have been produced in west or east Montgomeryshire or within 10 miles of our county borders. The price of £155 includes delivery to our Gregynog Apiary for collection.

The nucs will be delivered to us only when their 2012 queens have proved their worth. The supplier states that “the nucleus colonies are made in accordance with FERA Best Practice guidelines. This provides you with assurances of quality for the following:

  • That there is a good standard of bees, brood, food and equipment provided.
  • Instructions for the installation and care of your nuc are supplied on collection, you may contact us for further advice.
  • Our bees and your nuc are regularly checked for disease e.g. varroa and treated where necessary. This is recorded.
  • By operating a record system for sales, the National Bee Unit (NBU) is able to follow up any statutory disease situation.”

Please note that the Fera guidelines are even exacting than the BBKA guidelines.

Those who have ordered so far are guaranteed their orders, but there is an opportunity for us to order more.

To place an order, email or phone Tony Shaw, and then send a deposit of £80 to School House, Y Fan, Llanidloes, Powys, SY18 6NP. Cheques should be made out to Montgomeryshire Beekeepers Association.

Supply is limited and all orders from now on will be dealt with on a first come first served basis. Cheques will be returned as soon as we know that the stocks are finished. Act quickly as we are closing the order book on 10 May.