Bee Power

The BeeHolder, January 2012

In late October, 2012, interstate 15 in Utah, USA, was closed down for several hours because a lorry carrying more than twenty million bees overturned (see picture on back page). The lorry was on its way to California, taking bees to pollinate an almond crop next spring. The bees escaped from their hives and local beekeepers had to work overnight trying to catch the bees.

Bees create havoc on Interstate 15 in UtahPhoto courtesy of eBEES.

It was one of around 160 lorries of bees being sent from the Adee Honey Farms which are based in South Dakota. The southbound lanes were closed near to the border between Utah and Arizona for several hours. The road reopened the next morning, but drivers were warned to keep their windows wound up.

"The driver lost control, hit the concrete barrier and rolled over. Of course, we then had bees everywhere." said the spokesperson for the Utah Highway Patrol.

Chris Leech