Annoying Bees

The BeeHolder, Summer 2013

Do you have the odd bee that buzzes you every time you go to the clothes line or weed the garden? The ones that makes mowing the lawn difficult? Well some of this behaviour is genetic and replacing the queen may help. If not, Ormond and Harry Aebi's book on "Mastering the Art of Beekeeping” tells you how to get over this problem.

Their solution is to make a wave cloth. In other words, have a cloth (old dirty shirt) permanently mounted on a line or stand fairly close to the hive, which moves around in the breeze. The bees see the movement and investigate, but can't do anything about it and soon get used to the movement around them. Very soon you can happily move around your apiary without bees investigating you.

Try it - it works.

Frank Lindsay, Wellington (NZ) BKA
Thanks to Taunton BKA and ebees